Fan Art

... a page dedicated to the contributions of fan art to my Keenspot comic! Need I say that I am honored beyond belief? Heck, I don't care, I'll say it again: I'm honored beyond belief. :)

Dave Kelly

This is the pic Dave did for my birthday... he discovered my *old* self back from my 'Disney' years! SCARY!. :)

  • Remember me, Gene?

    Kevin G Brown

    A very snazzy shot of Cotton and myself. Kevin has a fan art page of his own on his site. Go see it! :)

  • Genecatlowfan.jpg

    Here are a couple more, done for an interesting addition of a couple of familiar-looking characters to the Captain Mike comic itself!

  • Gene Cyber.jpg
  • CW Cyber.jpg

    Daniel Milford-Cottam

    On 3/24, Maboo posted this message on my forum: "A fantastically bad Blotto version of Cotton has popped up in today's Blotto Street sitting in one of the twirly teacups. Sound surreal? Check it out! ;) Actually, don't. I think Cotton looks a bit odd in my drawing..." Oh, but do see what he's done!

  • Blotto Street 3/24/2001

    Jeanette Merrell

    A wonderfully rendered image of Cotton and Tavatiana together! You really need to see this one, it's a very beautiful picture from a very talented fan! :)

  • Tavatiana & Cotton.jpg

    Louis Thomas

    Louis' character, Nutsy, is a flying squirrel. He found my comic from Scotty Arsenalt's "Heebas" site... whereupon it is said we should give you a noogie if you come to my site from there. The trouble is, when you're that much smaller than the fur you're thinking of giving the noogie to, it gets tricky... :)

  • Nutsy & Gene Catlow.jpg


    This one speaks for itself, I think... :)

  • Furtrix

    Scotty Arsenault

    One of my oldest friends did this FANTASTIC comic for me! There's a twist to this ethereal communication business that never occured to me! :)

  • Sight of the Soul

    And here's the pic he did for my one-year anniversary! :)

  • The first year of Gene Catlow online

    Cedric Henry

    The creator of Japanese For Crustaceans did this unique pic of Cotton.

  • Cotton Taylor

    Erin Middendorf

    This has got to be one of the most beautiful images I've ever seen of any of my characters! Tavatiana and Cotton have never looked so romantic, or so wonderfully rendered! :)

  • Tavatiana and Cotton (by Erin M.)

    Chris Smith

    A neat bit of fan art from an artist who's considering creating his own webcomic. Obviously he's got the talent, now all he needs is to put it into action! :)

  • Influence

    Mari Rose (Elevenbane)

    An extremely talented artist (go visit her comic if you don't believe me!) sent me this utterly charming portrait of Tavatiana and Cotton. They are quickly becoming my most popular couple! :)

  • Bunny Hearts

    One of the images from the pic exchange that Elevenbane and I are engaged in. This is her and her muse observing the behavior of the two haters, from her first appearance in my comic on 1-2-2002. I think she's right on the money. :)

  • Observations from 1-2-2002 comic

    Mel Margin (Mellotron)

    One of the newest members of my forum 'regulars' drew this cool image for me!

  • Gene & Cotton by Mellotron

    Oliver Simons

    Mr. Simons has a comic with a rather novel idea: a feline cab driver whose territory is the different places found in the furry webcomics! He sent me this great image of a little encounter between his main character, James Abrams, and a certain evil genius! You can see my response in the Gene Catlow Presents department. :)

  • Doktor Catlove visits Aurora City

    Trixi (Candy Dewalt)

    Anyone who doesn't know that Trixi is one of my oldest and most talented furry friends doesn't know who Gene Catlow is either! Look at the magnificent artwork she sent me!

  • Cotton & Vinci by Trixi
  • Cotton & Artie by Trixi

    Meghan Jacques (Maple)

    I got this lovely image from someone who discovered my comic and was interested enough in what she found to begin checking out other furry artists. Quite an honor! ^_^

  • Gene & CatsWhisker by Maple

    C.D. Woodbury (Bluesman)

    One of my newer fans (whose character I cameo'd in my Grandville Days sequence) now has an online comic of his own! :)

  • Cotton, Gene & Charlie Dobbs by Bluesman

    W R Somsky

    This nice gentleman took it upon himself to colorize one of my GCP sketches. Travel by hare! :)

  • Michelle and the Kotreeka Birds - Color by William R. Somsky
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