Sting Society part 1

It is a dark stormy night in a city of Furriston;

where we find two Fox couple running for their lives

in a dark alley. They are persuaded by humans dress in

black ninja outfits with white scorpion picture on

their faces. They carry menacing weapons in their

arms; one of them fires a green beam over their heads.

But the Foxes ducked and quickly ducked into another

alley. But it led the couple into a dead end.

Male Fox: What do you humans want?

Female Fox: Please leave us alone!

Then the humans stood in a straight line; they made a

passageway for a tall, menacing figure. He wore a dark

gray armor that covered his body from head to toe. His

face is hidden by a facemask that only shows his dark

glowing red eyes. His chest has a black scorpion

picture on it.

Male Fox: W-who-or what are you people?

The figure stood over the fox couple; his left arm

revealed to be a giant scorpion stinger aimed at them.

Figure: * deep evil voice* I am your worse nightmare

for all Anthros and Furries and even humans alike. I

am the Black Emperor Scorpion; master of the Sting

Society and your life forces are mine!

He fires a black ray at the fox couple; their bodies

began to shrivel like prunes. Soon they both became

nothing more than ashes in the wind. The life force

the Black Emperor stored in his stinger.

Black Emperor Scorpion: Ah fresh life force. Not

enough to bring back my old army but it's a start.

Soon all will feel my scorpion's wrath.

In Celestial City we find the Tops at home with their

foster mom Carla Brown Cow. Enjoying another beautiful


Toppy: Boys there is nothing like a day off.

Boxcy: I'm glad; I get tired from busting down bad

guys and monsters.

Curly: Duh where do we go from here?

Socky: Why over there, and there, and somewhere over

the rainbow. Ah ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Carla: Well you boys do deserved a break. After all

how many mothers can say they have super-power

three-feet tall triceratops for sons?

Toppy: Not many Ma. Mom not only is you a mammal who

don't us as dinosaurs for sons. But you also know the

best place for our favorite meal.

Tops: Chicken and Curly Fries.


It's our favorite food.

In the world, world, world.

It's the greatest treat for every boy and girl.

It's a really nice surprise.

To have chicken and curly fries.

So stand back now.

As we have our chow, chow, CHOW-WOW-OH-WOW!


Carla: * giggling* Oh Tops.

As soon the Tops are about to dig in, they hear knocks

on the door. It was the Sabers, a group of three-feet

tall saber-tooth tiger girls (Sheeba, Locki, Shirley,

and Roxi) who share the same powers as the Tops.

Sheeba: Hey guys.

Toppy: Well hi ya girls. What brings you lovely tigers


Locki: Can the charm blue boy. We came to see what you

four want to do on your days off?

Boxcy: Anything but battling evil.

Shirley: How about the mall?

Curly: Duh what do we look like? Duh teenage girls?

Roxi: No WE'RE the teenage girls. Tee hee, hee, hee,

hee, hee.

Carla turns on the TV and watches the news about a

foreign country called Canovia. The Tops and the

Sabers see a picture of a tall white-fur rabbit woman

with short brown wavy hair. She wore black business

attire and skirt as many world leaders greet her.

Curly: Duh who is that?

Carla: Her name is Tavatiana; she is a premier of


Toppy: We never heard of Canovia.

Carla: It's a very lovely country but so full of

problems. She however resolved those problems and now

it's very peaceful. She mostly spends her visits in a

city called Furriston. It's full of Furries like me

and you and a few occasional humans. Tavatiana is a

wonderful woman, so kind and thoughtful that she and

others fought for Furries equal rights to live among

with the humans in a peaceful community we have today.

Curly: Duh sounds important.

Roxi: Sounds exciting.

Boxcy: Sounds like a big deal.

Sheeba: Sounds like a strong woman.

Shirley: Sounds like a good thing.

Locki: Oh brother it sounds like we all like to do is

make sounds.

Socky: Yeah and they sound the same. Pretty darn good

ah ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Toppy: Well we never heard of her-of course me and my

brothers were frozen in a giant block of ice cubes.

Sheeba: And my sisters and me were cloned from a human

Government laboratory.

Toppy: Well in any case. She sure sounds like a great

lady. We like to meet her someday but for now let's

focus on what to do for our vacation.

That night the Tops are asleep in their rooms.

Dreaming of their favorite dreams, like playing games,

eating lots of junk food, and partying. But suddenly

their dream took on another form. The Tops find

themselves in a rainforest; all wearing loincloths.

Boxcy: What the? Oh no don't tell we're back in the

Dinosaur days.

Socky: Oh man I can't live without my Nintendo game

system! I need pokemon games man!

Curly: Duh is my slip showing?

Toppy: Hey cool your horns boys. Something tells me

that this isn't an ordinary dream.

Voice: Tops! Come!

Tops: * points at one another* Did you fellas hear


Voice: Tops! Come! We're waiting for you. We are ALL

waiting for you.

The Tops were scared at first. But something in the

force made them brave enough to follow the mysterious

voice into the deep jungle. They travel through harsh

terrains (after Boxcy keeps getting smack by swinging

tree branches his brothers push out of the way)

Boxcy: OW! OW! Why you-OUCH! That's the last straw!

OUCH! GRR! LET ME AT'EM! * breaks off a branch* HA

HAH! * gets hit with another branch* Oh what's the


The Tops follow a clear path that led them to a

temple. Suddenly they discovered they are not alone.

The Sabers are also there wearing ancient clothing's

(except they are wearing tops)

Sheeba: Tops! What are you four doing in our dreams?

Toppy: We were about to ask you four the same thing.

Locki: It's crazy; we never had this dream before-yet

we felt like we belong here.

Boxcy: Like something from the past?

Shirley: Yeah kind of.

Curly: Duh this is complicated.

Socky: Even more complicated than Mike Myers acting


Roxi: And even scarier than Lindsey Lohans diet


Sheeba: So then we heard this voice to tell us to come


Toppy: So did we. The voice kept saying they been

waiting for us. But-who are they?

The Tops and the Sabers turn and find Tavatiana from

the TV news they saw today. She wore ancient

traditional clothing; standing next to her is a male

white rabbit, along with two cat people. A male black

fur tomcat and a gray fur female cat with long black


Tops/Sabers: What the-who-what-where?

Tavatiana: Hello Tops, and hello Sabers.

Toppy: Miss Premier?

Tavatiana: Please Toppy call me Tavatiana.

Toppy: Oh well-hey wait a minute how did you know my


Tavatiana: We've been hearing stories about you Tops

and Sabers. We the Furries of Canovia and Furriston

are proud of you and how each of you using your powers

to defeat evil. Toppy and Saber the powers to fight

with the elements of nature, Boxcy and Locki with

incredible speed, Curly and Shirley gifted with

unnatural strengths, and Socky and Roxi able to

stretch and morph into many sizes and shapes. We need


Tops/Sabers: Us?

Tavatiana: We need you to come to us in Furriston.

We'll be waiting for you children.

The Tops woke up on their beds and felled over to the

floor. The next morning they confronted their mother

about the dream.

Toppy: It was so weird. Like was like we could smell

the rainforest air. It felt so real, and then she kept

telling us to come to Furriston.

Carla: Hmm that is a very interesting dream. But I'm

sure it's nothing.

Tops: Yeah it's nothing.

After breakfast the Tops went into Celestial City Park

to play a game of soccer.

Boxcy: It's just a dream right?

Toppy: Right-I mean okay we were pick by powerful

celestial beings called the Intergalactic Angels from

the Heavenly world to wield these special powers they

gave us and to protect them from demonic beings the

Intergalactic Demons from Dark World-but still-

Tops: * to the viewers* We don't live a normal life do

we folks?

They are soon joined by the Sabers who told them about

the dream; both teams were shock. How could they all

share the same dream and got the same message? Their

questions were soon forgotten when their human friend

Gundaman came to visit. Gundaman lives in Paladin city

where they manufacture Mobile Suit Gundams and he uses

his Exodus Gundam to fight evildoers everywhere. The

Tops and Sabers can recognize him and his signature

red bandana he wore around his forehead under his dark

wavy jet-black hair.

Gundaman: Hey dudes and dudettes. How are things?

Toppy: Oh we're fine-hey Gundaman can we ask you


Gundaman: Sure go right ahead?

Toppy: Have you ever heard of Furriston?

Gundaman: Well I know many furry friends who live

there. In fact Cassie Fox is visiting a relative down

there now. I'm thinking about going there myself

because I've been hearing reports of Furries


Sheeba: Disappearing? That is strange.

Gundaman: I'm hoping to find out what is causing all

of this and-

Voice: Oh Gundaman you can't go alone. Take the Tops

and Sabers with you.

Gundaman: What? Did you all hear that?

Tops/Sabers: Yeah-

Suddenly they started to see something very strange.

Everything around them became fuzzy; they see a

transparent image of Tavatiana. They look around and

notice they are transparent too.

Gundaman: Whoa-what is this?

Tops/Sabers: It's-its-kind of cool.

Tavatiana: Those are your Aura's. The sight of soul as

we call it. Gundaman you have your own special

talents. You are heroic, brave, and strong, and an

excellent fighter for justice. We need you as well as

the Tops and Sabers. Please take them with you to

Furriston. We are waiting for all of you.

Soon everything turns back to normal.

Tops: It was no dream.

Sabers: No-it was a message.

The next day Gundaman loaded his things along with the

Tops and Sabers luggage to their flight to Furriston.

Dr. Linda Koji (Gundaman's mentor and friend) gave him

a hug.

Dr. Linda Koji: Now you take care of the Tops and

Sabers. Oh and don't let the Tops play with the seat

buttons like the last time.

Tops: Ah come on, the seats got broken all by


Carla: Good-bye Boys. Be sure to call me as soon as

you kids get settled.

Toppy: We will.

Sheeba: Don't worry Miss Brown Cow. We'll make sure

the Tops behave.

Toppy: Hah looks who's talking.

The two women watch the airplane lift off. Carla can't

help but worry, as often mothers do, about her boys

the Tops.

Carla: Oh Tops I hope your okay.

Suddenly Tavatiana appeared to her in her

sight-of-the-soul appearance.

Tavatiana: Don't worry Madame. Your sons will do fine!

They will help play an important role in Furriston.

As Tavatiana disappears from sight. Carla was shook to

find Tavatiana contacted her Aura.

Dr. Koji: Carla? Are you okay?

Carla: I'm-I'm not sure. But I'll be okay.

In the plane the Tops can't help but ponder how did

Tavatiana have the power to look into their soul? And

why is she so desperate for them to come to Furriston?

And what will they do when they get there. So many

questions fill their heads, and so little answers to


Tops: * to the viewers* Yeah and it hurts our heads

just thinking about it brother.

Soon they all arrived at the Airport; they see many

furries and humans all staring at them.

Boxcy: Ah phooey, haven't these mugs ever seen

Triceratops and Saber Tooth Tigers before?

Locki: I don't they ever seen anyone like us before.

Socky: Oh we're even then, cause we never saw these

people before in my life. Ah ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,


Toppy: Okay men and women we must keep on our toes.

Curly: Duh you're the boss.

The Tops and Sabers all stood on their toes Gundaman

can't help but laugh. Seeing how silly his friends are

acting. After picking up their luggage they got

another surprise. A limo was waiting for them at the

front gate. It is surrounded by bodyguards, one opens

the door and to everyone's amazement. For stepping out

of the limo is none other than Tavatiana. She looks at

them all and gave a gentle smile.

Tavatiana: Welcome, I'm glad you all got my message.

Toppy: Uh-.uh-uh-.

Sheeba: Toppy! * gave him a gentle nudge* Don't be

rude say something.

Toppy: Err-do you think it'll rain today your majesty?

Tavatiana: You all had a long journey. You all must

stop at your hotel and then my associates will give

you a ride to the Mayor's office.

Toppy: Hmm? Wait can't you tell us why you call for

us? Why we're here? About our dreams-this


Tavatiana: All will be answer in due time.

Tops: What a rip-off.

As our young heroes ventured into the Limos and are

taken to the hotel. A spy for the Sting Society

watches from a safe distance and contacted his leader

the Black Emperor Scorpion.

Black Emperor Scorpion: So the foolish mortals have

gotten themselves some heroes to help them? Bru, ha,

ha, ha, ha. They will soon learn not to cross path

with the scorpion. So my scaly friends, I cannot wait

to see what kind of powers you have. And I can't wait

to show you mine.

What will our young heroes learn? What strange secrets

is Tavatiana hiding? Will they be able to find out in

time? Stay tune for part 2 coming up next.

Tops 2