Gene Catlow Comic for 2007

January 2007

  • 1-1 Borzoi goes back to Matt's suite.
  • 1-3 Borzoi hears Matt interrupt a phone conversation to ask him to come in
  • 1-5 Matt indicates to Borzoi exactly what would make him a valuable asset
  • 1-8 The world is changing, and Matt wants to take advantage of those changes
  • 1-10 Matt wants to give the new furry-human alliance a common foe to vanquish
  • 1-12 The Leader will be Matt's unwitting patsy - but Borzoi suspects something more
  • 1-15 Matt admits it to Borzoi - but now that Borzoi knows it, things get dangerous
  • 1-17 Borzoi is terrified that he is now trapped... until...
  • 1-19 ...a new friend introduces herself!
  • 1-22 In ancient Canovia, Cotton and Tavie know Michelle is up to something...
  • 1-24 ...but decide not to inform the First Tribe Leader
  • 1-26 Michelle gives Borzoi the lowdown on the situation with Matt and everything
  • 1-29 With knowledge on his side, Borzoi faces Matt
  • 1-31 Matt puts it plainly to Borzoi - will he join him or not?

    February 2007

  • 2-2 Borzoi agrees to join Matt - and Matt frees the two council members
  • 2-5 Dusk and Dawn have more to do with Matt's success than Borzoi thought
  • 2-7 With the deal completed, Borzoi promises to return that evening
  • 2-9 Matt knows what Borzoi has gained - and what he has given up
  • 2-12 Back in Furriston, Gene and CW are in uniform on the airball court...
  • 2-14 ...taking a prototype professional airball team through its paces
  • 2-16 The Furriston Fangs will be part of the new furry-human sports league
  • 2-19 Steven Avariss is determined to make the league a success
  • 2-21 Gene and CW understand Steven's desire to undo his father's damage
  • 2-23 The felines explain that everything that has happened has been for a purpose
  • 2-26 Steven names some of the other teams in the upcoming league ...
  • 2-28 ...but Furriston is only interested in beating Bridgeway (and vice versa, it seems)

    March 2007

  • 3-2 Pernell of the Furriston team wants to know what Gene and CW's secret mission is
  • 3-5 The felines give as much explanation as they are allowed at the moment...
  • 3-7 ...but due to the anxieties of those they speak of, they must stop for the moment
  • 3-9 Gene and CW are mindful of the differences between furry and human shower accomodations
  • 3-12 Back in Canovia, Matt and his two familiars meet Borzoi for dinner
  • 3-14 Borzoi discovers that Matt feels the canine should have a relationship...
  • 3-16 that Matt's next generation will be able to avail themselves of his abilities
  • 3-19 The matagot to come after Matt will have the potential for total world influence
  • 3-21 Borzoi finds that he is very glad to actually have someone acknowledge his ability
  • 3-23 The felines have arranged to have Borzoi circulate in society
  • 3-26 Matt takes Borzoi to a canine country club in Denevia
  • 3-28 The downstairs club is for members who want intimacy
  • 3-30 Matt leaves Borzoi to enjoy his private time at the club

    April 2007

  • 4-2 A club member who tired out too quickly is intercepted by Matt...
  • 4-4 ...and questioned without his awareness about Borzoi's activities
  • 4-6 Matt pays the unsuspecting canine for his trouble and makes plans
  • 4-9 In Furriston, CW tries to speak to Gene about what happpened earlier at Bev's
  • 4-11 Gene reveals that he has no plans to treat Matt in a 'superheroic' manner
  • 4-13 CW knew Gene was not ruling out killing Matt, but does not like that side of Gene
  • 4-16 Next morning... Borzoi wakes up with the memories of the club visit
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